Corridors: poems & short stories

Corridors, poetry
a collection of poetry & prose
Chusma House Publications, 2001
Soft Cover, 102 pages, ISBN: 1-897823-03-5, Price $11.95

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I’m working on converting this to an eBook and making it available on again soon, so please check back. Your support is what keeps me writing.

Corridors by Samantha LeCorridors is a collection of visually refreshing and literary accomplished poems and short stories. Samantha Lê, in her debut effort, exhibits a vibrant confidence, alluding to a poetic preoccupation of the first order. The poems are self-referential but compassionate, objective but personal. The prose reminiscent of Paz’s “Agulia y Sol,” Dario’s “Azul,” and Rimbaund’s “Illuminations” as a tendency to expose the poetic and mystical side of inter-subjective human experiences. Lê’s poetry exhibits insight, wonder, and imagination. Lê seldom appears; but when she does, she does so in a tender, poetic voice.

Reading this collection of poems is an exercise in creative altruism. One must let go, if for just a moment, of all existential pre-occupations and walk through the “Corridors” which Samantha Lê has littered with visions, memories, and sometimes optimistic, other times melancholic, musings on life’s everyday foibles. Lê’s combination of maturity and youthful exuberance are remarkable.


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