about Samantha Lê

Samantha Lê
poet & novelist

Born and raised in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and having emigrated as a child to a country whose language she did not speak, Samantha Lê has become something of an expert in clandestine surveillance. It is from her well-cloaked vantage that Lê documents the unspoken truths that underpin notions of class, family, and love. Lê received her MFA at San José State University and is currently working on a new collection of poetry and her second novel, a Place of Forgetting. Lê’s publications include: two collections of poetry: My Solitude and Corridors, and a fictional memoir: Little Sister Left Behind. Her poetry has appeared in such literary journals as: Pinion Journal, The Red Clay Review, Phati’tude Literary Magazine, Halfway Down the Stairs, San Pedro River Review, Able Muse, Reed Magazine, Greensilk Journal and Bacopa. A resident of San Luis Obispo, Lê is also the owner and creative director of e33 design by Samantha Lê.

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One thought on “about Samantha Lê

  1. indytony

    I just discovered that you are following my blog, “A Way With Words”. I am grateful you have been drawn into my corner of the blogosphere and that you have chosen to hang around long enough to peruse my writing.

    From the looks of your site, you have a very unique perspective and a great story to share. I will look forward to following your blog as you follow mine. Perhaps we can encourage each other along the way.


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